About Us

People Powered for Change. 

At Climate Xero, our mission is to champion environmental sustainability and social equity by addressing the interconnected challenges of climate change and human rights. We do so by focusing on evidence-based research, advocacy, and action that acknowledges and seeks to achieve a harmonious balance between development, sustainability and social justice.  

Over the past years, we have been successful in bringing together over a thousand young leaders from across the Global South to join hands for causes that matter for our people and planet. Our unwavering focus has been on cultivating a more inclusive and youth-led climate justice movement. Climate change is a dynamic challenge that demands collaboration on multiple fronts to mitigate its impacts. Its ever-evolving nature necessitates a comprehensive approach that harnesses the expertise and resources of governments, businesses, communities, and individuals. 

Today, our youth stands at a pivotal intersection where time is limited, and responsibility looms larger than ever before. Climate Xero aims to empower people to shift from passive spectators to active collaborators, building a global community of change-makers united by a shared purpose. 

Over the past few years, we have formed meaningful partnerships with over 25 non-profits and celebrated organisations working at national and international levels. These partnerships create shared opportunities for the growth of our people and planet, bringing us closer to a more informed and unified climate mitigation efforts. The milestones we have achieved thus far are a testament to the unwavering dedication of our passionate team and the support of our benefactors. However, we remain cognisant of the considerable work that lies ahead. 

Our call to action is open for anyone who shares our vision. Learn about our ongoing projects here.