Core Team

Dev Nagar

Co-Founder & Team Lead

Dev is an intersectional climate justice advocate with over four years of experience working with youth on climate policy, research and advocacy. 

He has worked with esteemed national and international entities like United Nations UNOCT, Ministry of Education at Government of Delhi and has also represented South Asian youth at forums like United Nations Economic and Social Council and Asia Pacific Forum on Sustainable Development. 

Dev has played a pivotal part in Climate Xero’s growth while actively driving research and policy informing initiatives. His work speaks volumes about his dedication in shaping a just, inclusive, and equitable climate justice movement in Global South.

Outside of his advocacy pursuits, Dev is a final year law student at University of Delhi and holds keen interest for art, history and meaningful intellectual exchanges. 

Supriya Koirala

Co-Founder & Lead for Youth Circles Program

Supriya Koirala graduated with a degree in information technology from Delhi Technological University and is presently working at Palo Alto as a software engineer. She actively advocates for more and more women to join STEM (Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) so that they have greater contributions to sustainable solutions and technological advances. 

For Supriya, Climate Xero’s Youth Circles Program serves as a platform through which she can cultivate a sense of community dialogue among young individuals, empowering them to assert greater autonomy and integrate their unique experiences into the mainstream discourse.

Supriya hails from Kathmandu, Nepal and aspires to join politics later in life and become the Prime Minister of her country someday. 

Akshat Goyal


Akshat holds an undergrad degree in Electrical Engineering NSUIT, Delhi and is presently working at Zomato as a software engineer. Akshat’s core competencies lie in inclusive growth, community action and tech.

Akshat has played an instrumental role in Climate Xero’s outreach efforts, with him leading some of our highly attended virtual events to date.

Akshat’s spirit can be encapsulated in his favourite quote by Steve Jobs, “The people who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do.”

Farhan Ali Rizvi

Co-Founder & Lead for Anveshana

Farhan is presently a masters student at Delhi University and a strong advocate for interfaith peace and collaboration. 

For Farhan, intergenerational solidarity which transcends the age boundaries is pivotal for effective climate change mitigation efforts. Farhan presently leads Climate Xero’s Anveshana Program, where he invites leaders and experts from diverse backgrounds to engage in meaningful dialogues addressing the pressing issues of this century.

Farhan holds keen interest in Urdu poetry, folk music and firmly believes that ‘Sleep is the best meditation’. 

Harshdeep Sudan

Human Resource

Harsh holds a degree in BA Health Sciences from Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada and is presently working as a Student Success Advisor at Fraser International.  He has over 5 years of volunteering and working experience in non-profits, health care industry and education sector. Harsh is passionate about promoting diversity and inclusion, accessible education and a safe family environment for children and young adults.

Harsh recognises that climate change also puts us at a peculiar intersection of public health and social equity. He firmly believes that our systems must bolster their public health infrastructure to effectively address the challenges posed by warming planet, specifically by making the healthcare systems more responsive to the needs of marginalised and vulnerable communities. 

Harsh firmly believes that kindness and empathy are those powerful tools that make a human – The Human”

Sonu Kumar

Co-Founder & lead for Youth Library Initiative

Sonu is an economics enthusiast, social worker and a rural development advocate who has an undergrad degree in economics from Magadh University, Gaya, Bihar.

For Sonu, our societies can develop ethically and sustainably only when we have rural India in our policy perspective. Sonu has been leading Climate Xero’s on field efforts to promote safe and accessible study spaces for young children in Gaya, Bihar. He has also been instrumental in promoting Climate Xero’s grassroots outreach efforts. 

Sonu in his leisure time loves to engage in policy conversations, abstract art and very recently balcony gardening. 

pradumn awasthi

Social Media Coordinator

Pradumn, a Digital Marketing enthusiast, is on a mission to make a positive impact. He’s a wizard at building WordPress websites, running and analysing high-impact marketing campaigns. Beyond his financial prowess, Pradumn’s true passion shines in his ability to leverage social media for change. He and his team at Climate Xero have successfully boosted online visibility, making waves in the digital world. His insatiable curiosity fuels innovation and learning. Pradumn is a valuable asset to any youth organization, bringing a blend of tech-savviness and a heart for social transformation.


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