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For Our People and Our Planet- Now and Always. 

Project Planet Heroes

Over the past three years we have worked with over 300 individuals, helping them to deepen their understanding of climate issues while also providing an opportunity to network with like-minded individuals & learn via a peer-to-peer mentorship model.

Independent Research Group On Climate and Gender

This research project aims to explore the intersections of climate change and gender, specifically focusing on the experiences of trans & intersex individuals coming from the Hijra Gharana Communities in South Asia.

Svadhyaya Youth Library Initiative

With Svadhyaya Youth Library, we aim to provide a safe space to children coming from economically & socially disadvantaged families in Gaya district, Bihar.

Who we are?

Climate Xero is committed to safeguarding the interests of our planet and its inhabitants by focusing on evidence based research, advocacy and action which seeks to achieve harmonious balance between environmental sustainability and social equity.

Over the past few years Climate Xero has been successful in engaging over a thousand young people from all across Global South and forming meaningful partnerships with over 25 non-profits and celebrated organisations working at national and international levels.



Our Impact

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Our Partners

Without whom our journey would not have been possible.

All the organisations mentioned here have collaborated/partnered with us in some or the other events.


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