EnvironMENTAL Crisis

By- Shohini Ghosh Often during discussions revolving around the poor environment’s impact on human lives, we tend to think about how they adversely influence our physical health conditions. Breathing problems,...

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Exploring Artisanal Fisheries

By- Nadashree M.K.  At the beginning of every year, the United Nations (UN) declare international years to mark the importance of the specific topic or topics using various action plans...

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By: Akshita Mehta It is funny, thoughtful and certainly pertinent to the times in which we live and ignore the very real problems we have created for our planet. This...

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Death Underwater

By: Shohini Ghosh Pictures speak a thousand words. Jeff Orlowski directed the 2017 documentary Chasing Coral is a testament to this statement. By eliminating the use of jargon and through the sheer...

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Climate Whistleblowing in India

By: Trayambak Chakravarty Introduction The word whistleblowing has in recent years been distilled to a naïve status, wherein if one is a whistleblower, their identities become assigned to weak, scared...

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