Climate Xero presents Anveshana | अन्वेषना: A series of expert talks and Q&As to educate young folks on issues related to climate change and human rights of the 21st century, so that they can make calculated decisions and become the change makers for an inclusive, just and sustainable future. 

Bringing to you conversations which help catalyse action.

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Anveshana | अन्वेषना Chapters

What’s In? 

Introducing the concept and establishing a discourse on its importance and realistic approaches to sustainable business along with suggestions on what contributions can be made as an individual, community or society. 

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“Aveshana's first episode on sustainability was truly informative and to the point. All of my doubts were cleared and I got so many new insights. As someone who's a sustainable designer always developing innovative ways to make our surroundings more sustainable and commercial the conversation with Prof Viswanathan really cleared my perspective on how biodegradable things can be commercialised."
Biomaterial by Namya
Namya R Parikh
Product Designer & Founder- Bio Materials

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