Adaptation vs Mitigation? : The Better

By: Jigisha

Climate change is no novel concept for most human beings or the people of the 21st century. Having been acquainted with the concept and the damaging connotations that are significant with reference to climate change, it is essential then  keeping that in mind to save lives and the planet from this particular climate emergency.

The Carbon dioxide levels (CO2) and greenhouse gases in the atmosphere rising to newer levels have never been at a pause at any point in time. Hence the ways to cope and battle climate change is of utmost importance.

The Two Strategies for Addressing Climate Change 

For addressing climate change, two strategies in particular are Adaptation and Mitigation. Mitigation being an intermission to reduce the emissions and their sources and even to help sinking the greenhouse gasses. Whereas Adaptation is an ‘ adjustment in natural or human systems in response to actual or expected climatic stimuli or their effects, which moderates harm or exploits beneficial opportunities’ (IPCC 2001).

Main Differences in Objectives 

The notable differences between the two, in particular to their objectives are such that mitigation is centric to the reasons for climate change( rising greenhouse gasses or co2 emissions) in question whereas for adaptation the objective is only to be concerned with the impacts of climate change. 

The Better Step

Before making any approach it is essential to know that both the approaches are relevant. However, that does not then permit us to limit our thinking for them to only be correlated. It is important to then allow reflection on those strategies, to talk about mitigation and adaptation and come to conclusions, for mitigation even with strong mitigation efforts, the climate would continue changing in the next decades and adaptation to these changes is necessary. On the other hand, adaptation will not be able to eliminate all negative impacts and mitigation is crucial to limit changes in the climate system.

The Interplay of Adaptation and Mitigation: A Necessity 

Inferences made by reflecting on the strategies that can be implemented to withstand the battle of climate change, seem to be probable by only initiating both the strategies in the respective areas. For how adaptation influences the locals in spatial scales can then allow the problems of climate change to be dealt with from the grassroots and for mitigation then influencing at the global scale can be incorporated globally for international climate issues at play. 

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