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Despite several nations moving towards building an inclusive space for all individuals, there are several taking a backward step. Read more to take a look at how the LGBTQ+ community continues to remain harassed and discriminated against.


Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people are more likely to experience intolerance, discrimination, harrasment and the threat of violence due to their sexual orientation. Even their rights are not recognized by the government and also their problems are not addressed by the government.

In some countries, homosexuality is illegal and punishable by fines, imprisonment, life imprisonment and even the death penalty.

In Chile, a lesbian couple who were married in Spain and have a child requested to recognized their marriage in chile but the constitutional Court denied their request.

Over three years ago the chilean government sent a bill to Congress to allow same sex marriage but the chile has been taking steps backward. The Justice seems to believe that gays and lesbians only deserve equal treatment if they stop being who they are.

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In Hungary, Hungary’s government passed a law in which intersex people can’t change their gender legally. This law put them at risk of harassment, discrimination, and even violence in daily situations when they need to use identity documents. The law is a major backwards step on transgender and intersex rights.

Danny,” a 33-year-old transgender man living in Budapest, described his daily humiliation to Human Rights Watch. “I’m always stressed and uncomfortable … where I have to show my identity documents, for instance when I go to the post office or want to cross a border. I get funny looks, questions, and am forced to explain a very personal story to random strangers and that’s humiliating,” Danny said. “It really destroys my day.”

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In contrast to moving backwards it is of utmost importance that such countries follow the footsteps of Argentina,Taiwan,Colombia,Nepal,India,Vietnam, Brazil and some Mexican states, which recognized the rights of LGBTQ+.

In Columbia, Same-sex couples are allowed to enter into legal unions.Constitutional court lifted restrictions on same-sex couples adopting children.

In Vietnam, a law passed which allow individuals who have undergone reassignment surgery to register under a new gender.Gay marriage is allowed in Vietnam.

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Amnesty International suspends all proceedings in India, Claims retribution by the Government


Amnesty India recently announced that it is temporarily terminating all its research and proceedings in India after their bank accounts were frozen by the government in response to some reports condemning the role Delhi Police played in instigating anti-Muslim violence as well as the use of violence and torture in Kashmir.


Amnesty International is a non-governmental organisation that works to protect human rights and dignity all around the world. With its headquarters in the United Kingdom, it has more than eight million members and allies throughout the globe. It has been working in India to protect the rights of all citizens especially the vulnerable, the marginalized, the victims of human rights abuses and those that stand up to defend human rights, for nearly a decade now.

The organisation recently announced that it is temporarily terminating all its research and proceedings in India after their bank accounts were frozen by the government in response to some reports by the organisation. Several other human rights organisations like, Global Indian Progressive Alliance and Human rights watch have heavily criticised this conduct on the part of the government and said that, “The Indian government’s actions against Amnesty India are part of increasingly repressive tactics to shut down critical voices and groups working to promote, protect, and uphold fundamental rights.”

Amnesty India, recently, published several reports condemning the role Delhi Police played in instigating anti-Muslim violence as well as the use of violence and torture in Kashmir. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-led government however, issued a statement saying that the reports by Amnesty were, “unfortunate, exaggerated and far from the truth.” Authorities also said that Amnesty is using all their work concerning human rights as a cover to divert attention from their violation of laws related to foreign funding.

The authorities have time and again used regulations under the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA) to silence organisations involved in advocating civil, political, economic, social, environmental or cultural priorities, which may differ from those backed by the government. Amnesty International India in a statement said that, “The continuing crackdown on Amnesty International India over the last two years and the complete freezing of bank accounts is not accidental.”

A strong and vocal community is imperative in a populous democracy like India. The government shouldn’t look at human rights organisations as adversaries, but actually work in collaboration with them to secure the rights of all citizens and to keep a check on the government’s responsibilities at all levels.

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Carnage against Christians underway in Nigeria


Nigerian Christians are at a high risk of being removed by the state safeguarded by the Islamic Jihadists. Read more to take a look at how their human rights have been compromised and how they are headed towards a remorseless massacre.


The United Nations, the CommonWealth Secretary General, the African Union and Economic Community of West African States, and other international  organizations are enjoined by The International Society for Civil Liberties and Rule Law (Nigerian based Non- Governmental Organization) to step up and affirm their interventions to stop FULANI and other JIHADISTS from wiping out the Christians in Nigeria.

According to testimony, 1,421 Christains have been drugged to death by Nigeria’s Jihadists between January to July 2020.

According to, Nigeria is home to 50% Christains, around 75% of which are resistors, 24% Roman Liberals and the remaining 1% are from the Conformist Christains Community. The Christains are being targetted by the Islmaic Militants, Boko Haram and Muslim Fulani Herdsmen and are headed towards a barbarous massacre with irregualar onslaughts,which have been magnified recently. They are being raped, incapacitated, tortured, abducted, converted from Christainity into other religions and burglarized. Churches and other such holy places have been torn down as the rivals continue to display intolerance towards the religion.

Such genocide prevails in other regions as well

  • Kurds, Chrisatins, Druze, Shi’a Muslim, Alawites and Yazids are facing crimes against humanity and war against liberal and religious minorities, in Syria, Turkey, Russia.The Russian Air Force in alliance with Assad’s armed forces, are bombing civilian centres and hospitals.
  • In Rohingya of Rakhine state, Bengali- speaking Muslims are victims to constant discrimination.
  • The provinces of South Kordofan, Blue Nile and Darfur have endured from long- term political and economic marginalization a repercussion of the Sudan Regime’s policy to transform Sudan into an Islamic Arab State.
  • In Yemen, it is found that Iranian-backed Houthis and the Saudi-backed government are promoting war crimes, including arbitrary killings, coercion, torture towards migrant workers and asylum seekers from the Horn of africa with the recruitment of child soldiers.

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