Kids & Quarantine

Social and physical distancing, due to Covid-19, has led to emotional and psychological distress in children. We understand that living in lockdown can be very stressful, specially for kids who are not used to staying all time at homes. For the same reason, Svadhyaya presents ‘Kids & Quarantine’, a free webinar series for teenagers of age group 12- 15 years. Through this webinar series, we would explore themes like Covid-19, establishing healthy boundaries, Potential threats and Safeguards, Mental Health issues, Cyber bullying, among others.

We wish to create a safe space in which children can freely express themselves and share their concerns, which they might not have been to, in their household spaces. This is an opportunity to learn, share and grow. We don’t want any child to feel lonely when it comes to sharing their feelings and problems. Through this webinar we wish to provide a holistic and inclusive education to kids about many topics which are never taught at school.

We would be helping children explore answers to questions like : What to do if someone is threatening me on social media? Should i feel bad if my parents sometimes fight? What should I do when my parents don’t let me use mobile phone or tablet? What should I do if I don’t want to spend all time with my parents? What is sexual abuse/violence? How to recognise sexual abuse and protect oneself?

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You may register for your younger folks too. Only 20 seats available! ♥️

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