Projects Since Last Year

  • Project Vriksharopan

By: Shohini

Nature demands balance but rapid industrialization is tipping the scale towards deforestation. As biodiversity is being compromised, Svadhyaya stepped in to restore some of that stability. The team launched an ambitious project that centered on organizing regular plantation drives – Project Vriksharopan. Several forest departments that Svadhyaya collaborates with support and appreciate the movement. Emboldened by this, the team conducts awareness campaigns in educational institutions and has so far mobilized more than 110 on field volunteers. Project Vriksharopan also promotes the idea of adopting a tree, barren parks and the idea of gifting saplings on special occasions. It is the success of this project that in the year 2021 itself, 249 saplings have been planted across the country!

While there is still a long way to go, it is hoped that through Project Vriksharopan a part of nature replenishes and thrives again. 

  • Project planet heroes completed

By: Shohini

On 22nd April, 2020, Svadhyaya launched ‘Project Planet Heroes’ to walk the path laid down by United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. Svadhayaya organised this project in the year 2021 as well. Under the project, five of SDGs goals were endorsed – quality education; affordable and clean energy; sustainable cities and communities; clean water and sanitation; and climate action. To realize these goals, interested individuals were mentored about lifestyle changes that enabled them to make smarter and sustainable choices. To facilitate the process, they were also provided with a personalized plan of action toolkit that consisted of pragmatic solutions. Open community discussions were arranged to create a network of people with parallel causes.

An inspiring lot of 160 individuals enrolled for the project. While all the participants felt that the project added more to their repertoire of knowledge regarding environmental issues, 94% of the volunteers felt a positive change within themselves and 84% even pledged to decrease their plastic consumption. Project Planet Heroes also led to the launch of a sub-project – ‘Vegan Wednesdays’.

It is hoped that each year when Svadhyaya opens its platform for Project Planet Heroes, individuals from all walks of life don their green capes to save Mother Earth. 

  • Launch of Svadhyaya Youth Library

By: Swati

The world is on the brink of a catastrophic calamity and needs all the aid it can obtain. In these trying times, our team tried to create a safe space for the youth. Svadhyaya Youth Library was launched on 1st July 2021, in Gaya, Bihar. There are currently 32 students enrolled in the project and the number is growing rapidly. Youth Library’s goal is to provide a peaceful and educational environment to children who belong to socially backward communities, are economically weak and cannot afford such facilities. 

The library is designed in a student-friendly manner by keeping their comfort at the top. The desks and chairs are built to support their physical health irrespective of the number of hours they spend in the library. The place is lit up with motivating quotes to keep the students in high spirits. The library’s members are maximising their time there and appreciate the cause.

  • Covid-19 Helpline Service

By: Swati

The vaccination against the Covid-19 virus came with a slew of complications. One of them was to register for the slot to get vaccinated. Our team stepped up to help the people in need by starting a Vaccination Registration Helpline. The mission of the helpline was to assist people who lacked technical knowledge or were misinformed about the guidelines. 1412 people have benefited directly from the helpline’s registration and slot booking services. This assistance was provided in more than seven Indian states, and the helpline was linked to more than fifteen grassroots organisations. This helpline was completely free of charge, making it ideal and accessible to anyone. 

It offered details of all the resources available for vaccination and other health services along with our social pages. Our Instagram account and website were constantly available to provide support and information. We debunked several myths and rumours about the virus and vaccination in our posts. It was a situation that required immediate action and our team came through.

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