Sustainable Earth Summit’20 Report

Movie Screening and Discussion

The movie screening of “Chasing Ice” served as the perfect start to the summit. The evening began with the presentation of the trailer, later followed by a plot summary to the audience by the Montage film society of the Kirorimal college. Ridhi Parmar and Vedang Raj both

enlightened the audience about their views on the movie, its cinematography, the struggles in its making as well as the role of visual representation in making an audience aware about a particular issue. This was followed by a QnA session where people not only discussed their views on the movie but also shared several stories, moments in real life which helped them realise climate change is real and is nearing us at an accelerating pace.

Expert Panel Discussion

On the second day we were pleased to be hosting our esteemed panellists, Miss. Sumaira Abdulali, Mr. Ashish Kothari, Mr. Nigel Topping and Mr. Uchita de Zoysa along with our moderator for the evening Mr. Sanjeev. The panellists gave us an eye opening reality check, whilst sharing with us their views on the increasing rate of urbanisation, the current state of climate change, the struggles involved in the life of an activist and the oxymoron like nature of the SDG’s. They took us on their struggles, their paths and what helped them realise climate change is an issue which needs our immediate attention. The lesson learnt was that we need collective community action in order to combat climate change, and that we must make sustainable living our priority instead of sustainable growth.

Climate Action Plan Workshop

On the 3rd day of our session, we had Mr. Richard Munang as well as Mr. James Sancto on the mike. They shared their experience, views and the efforts they had put in, in order to combat climate change. They too emphasised on how collective action is the key to sustainability. This was followed by a brief QnA session. In the next segment of the the evening we had social media influencer and the founder of Amplify a podcast, Miss Sanchi Singh, An acclaimed vegan, cyclist, social media influencer, and a sustainability consultant Mr. Aakash Ranison, and a climate change advocate, moderator and consultant Miss Johanna Schwarz. All of them shared the steps they had taken in order to prevent climate change, what had made them choose this path in their lives and how they believe awareness would be a key means to combat climate change. 

Leaders’ Conclave

Day 4 of our summit commenced with guest panelists- Irene Banos Ruiz, Emily George and JD Whitman. They gave a very inspiring speech and motivated all the young aspirants present on the day. JD also gave a presentation on the virtual reality of oceans to preserve them for the future generations. Emily and Irene gave a very important perspective and interacted with the delegates and panelists. Dr. Kumar Iyer gave a remarkable speech on climate change. Later on many budding organisations and individuals as delegates presented ideas and innovations, seeking valuable insights from the guest panelists. On the whole, it was the perfect wrap for the event leaving many individuals inspired and motivated.

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