Mission सशक्तिकरण | Empowerment

Mission सशक्तिकरण was one of the first projects launched by Svadhyaya with the motive of spreading awareness regarding the importance of menstrual health and hygiene, getting familiar with changes in one’s body during adolescence, safe and unsafe touch and many more. This project also focused on giving skill development training and help women get empowered.

Mission सशक्तिकरण Empowerment Svadhyaya Youth Organisation

During this project, we visited Blind Persons Associations Hostel at Uttam Nagar, Delhi, and other ashrams near Shahbad and gave sessions on the topics mentioned above. During the creative sessions, we made eco-friendly Diya candles with soy wax and lavender essence which were painted and decorated by the blind girls under our guidance. The candles along with cards with their fingerprint were sold among our friends and family and also during the college fest of Hindu College, Delhi University.

Mission सशक्तिकरण Empowerment Svadhyaya Youth Organisation

The income generated by the selling of those eco-friendly clay diyas was later used to buy medicines for the blind girls after we conducted a routine medical checkup under the leadership of Dr. Azra Naseem.

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