Planet Hero

Launching Our Project Planet Heroes on 22 April 2020, Earth Day.
This program is for every individual, who wishes to contribute to a greater good of our planet, by making easy lifestyle changes.
This Program, helps by providing Practical Solutions and Peer Mentorship Support, which enables you navigate your lifestyle changes with ease.
We understand, that making sustainable choices can be very hard sometimes, hence, we bring to you, a specially curated Plan of Action Toolkit, which contains various resources to make your transition smooth.
Our Peer-Mentors are extremely dedicated set of volunteers, who wish to create an impact and help undo the damage to the earth. Peer Mentors would follow up with all the fellows every month to ensure a track on their progress and to understand what difficulties are faced due to transition towards sustainable lifestyle.
Along with this, we would host open community discussions, to help like minded individuals connect with each other, empower and influence. Hence helping each other to grow and move closer towards sustainability.
This Earth is Not Exclusively Ours. Humans belong to this planet, not vice-versa.
This Earth day, register for this program, and redeem our planet from exploitation done throughout history.
It’s time that you take actions yourself. Change starts from within. It’s time.
Registration Link :
This Program is Free to Join.
For any Queries, kindly DM us or Call is at 9999158952.

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