An opportunity to reclaim our future, one step at a time

Offices are known to work in a manner where massive wastage of energy and implementation of unsustainable practices are common. If you are someone who works in an office space and wants to help make an impact by shifting to more environmentally friendly habits, this article lists a few changes you can implement to help move forward the fight against climate change and global warming.

  1. One way to make your office space more environmentally friendly is to bring in plants suitable for indoor environments. They are known to add an attractive aesthetic and help improve the air quality and people’s health within the office. They can also help reduce the use of Heaters and air conditioners, which consume a lot of energy.
  2. Offices can work on shifting their record keeping and documentation to computers rather than buying boxes of paper. Office administrators can create a transition plan to move away from paper and eventually eliminate its use. When consumer practices evolve, markets will understand the shift in demand and move away from those types of industries. 
  3. Along with eliminating the use of paper, offices can also work on using reusable products. Offices can invest in reusable utensils for dinings like forks, knives, spoons, bowls, and mugs. 
  4. Investing in Aerators will also help the office to significantly reduce water wastage. 
  5. Setting up internal recycling centers and compost stations could help work wonders by disseminating awareness.
  6. Say bye to plastic freebies, and make eco-friendly freebies the new “in” thing. For example, giving away seed paper, reusable bags, and face masks would be appreciated not only by your customers and employees but also by the environment!

The climate situation is very delicate, with this decade promising to be the start of impending catastrophes if we do not start implementing changes. Office spaces can take the initiative to create and inspire eco-friendly and sustainable practices at a smaller level.

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