Artistic as the Gonds

The Gondi (Gondi) or Gond or Kotor are an Indian ethnic group. They speak the Gondi language. They are one of the largest tribal groups in India, spread over the states of Madhya Pradesh, eastern Maharashtra (Vidarbha), Chhattisgarh, Uttar Pradesh, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Bihar and Odisha. The Gonds are among the largest tribal groups in South Asia and perhaps the world. The term Gond refers to tribal peoples who live all over India’s Deccan Peninsula. 

Gond Tribe
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Their principle god is the “Bade Dev” whom they consider as the creator of the universe. He is believed to control life and death. In Gond culture, god resides in the Saga tree and this is why it is most sacred to the community. They ensure complete protection of the tree and use it for ceremonial purposes.


They believe in living in complete harmony and peaceful co-existence with nature. Just like the red Indians Gondi’s also practice similar customs.

Most of their possessions are made from bamboo. As bamboo is used as an eco-friendly technique.

For ages, they have used herbs from the forest to make their medicines.

Rainwater harvesting practices is very essential to use the rainwater to the fullest.  This water is very pure and can be used for all kinds of purposes including consumption.

They make use art and folklore to display love and respect for animals and nature, which is very beautiful.

According to Gonds, the only way to conserve forests is to give its management to the local tribal communities. The villagers first protested against the felling of forests for commercial purposes in the mid-eighties. They did not allow outsiders in the village territory.

Almost a decade ago they realized the worth of collective strength. By working jointly, they managed to resurrect the dried up Kothari river that flows along their village. Today, the village has set an example for scholars and researchers from all over the world to study.

The traditional knowledge and heritage of Gond social group is our national treasure and

in this era of knowledge and communication technology the necessity of hour is to

preserve and persuade to protect the environment. 

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Women from these villages are currently being taught to make handmade paper, bags and products from the fabric waste of a textile mill.

By encouraging thoughtful and sustainable ways of creation, the result is an original upcycled product.

The goods embody a contemporary, global aesthetic, and not only are the women empowered financially, they are even changing the perception of recycled materials since waste is being used to create an asset.

A unique program under the Tiger Tribes brand has been created with some partnerships. The Gond tribal villagers are taught entrepreneurial and management skills to help them manage hospitality businesses. And the tours that they conduct are designed to showcase their ancient lifestyle, stories, art and surrounding nature.

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