Svadhyaya Blooms

By: Akshaye Mavinkurve

Svadhyaya Youth Organisation is an international and diverse coalition of environment and social justice activists who conduct various campaigns to advocate for better care of the environment and fight for social justice. Svadhyaya started with a small group of 6 core members to over 100 members from India and around the world working to fight for what they believe in. Svadhyaya strongly believes in the spirit of volunteerism and thus we have over 100 members volunteering from all over the world working on different projects such as project planet heroes or the monthly newsletter. We have had volunteers from over 12 countries contribute more than 4500 hours and worked together to build platforms that can advocate for just causes. Each project and each team have an expert member to guide the volunteers and instill new skills, but while we have expert members, Svadhyaya strongly believes that all members have an equal voice and hierarchical structures are not really followed. Over its founding, Svadhyaya has contributed with various organisations such as “Bangalore Youth Global ”, “Plastic Tides”,”TOES”, and “ASEAN Youth Organization” among various others. Each partnership greatly added new perspectives and an opportunity to meet different people from diverse backgrounds.

The newsletter team of Svadhyaya creates and publishes monthly newsletters delving into the environment and social justice issues and engaging these issues with nuance and diverse perspectives. We have members from all over the world who write articles and conduct interviews to gain perspectives of the pioneers of the climate change movement. We have been publishing monthly newsletters since the dawn of the organisation and the team has grown over the years. The newsletter team continues to partner with “Let Me Breathe” to publish their articles at their publication. Let me Breathe has a huge social media presence and this partnership continues to give Svadhyaya the voice and platform to share their stories in the mainstream.

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