Vegan Wednesdays : Go Vegan!

Today, As a small step forward towards sustainability, at Svadhyaya | स्वाध्याय we Introduced Vegan Wednesdays.

1 day every week, we’ll try our best to have a vegan diet. Vegan Diet should be accompanied with Vegan Lifestyle, I.e. Use of Cruelty Free and Sustainably Produced Products.
Hence, try your best not to consume meat, seafood, dairy ( hence no milk chai/ coffee for one day ), no poultry, no honey, not to wear leather, fur or animal skin.

P.s. Some of you might think that doing it for one day, might not have any impact. However, it is moreover a symbolic act where you educate yourself and others about importance of sustainability. While you practice veganism, you acknowledge the fact that climate change is real, needs immediate attention, and our lifestyles have a lot to contribute to it. At the same time you also agree to the fact that animal cruelty should not be tolerated at any cost. With this, you move one step closer to end apathy towards our animals and our planet.
This planet is not exclusively ours to live and exploit. The animals are not ours to eat, abuse or wear. Let’s not be selfish. It’s time to self educate.

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